The Nine Circles of Spreadsheet Hell

Spreadsheets can be heaven...for some tasks.  But let's face it,

Spreadsheets break down if you’re trying to rely on them systematically to gather data from across the organization, roll up departmental plans, or do complex, collaborative planning.

The bottom line: You’re spending huge amounts of time, energy, and resources
fighting against a tool that simply wasn’t designed to do what you need it to do.

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  • You waste weeks every year manually consolidating a mass of individual spreadsheets
  • You can't easily model potential future scenarios or answer "what-if" questions
  • Measuring actual spend against plan is a major chore
  • Your talented finance staff spends too much time on low-level, non-value-add activities
  • You may never catch the errors that plague your plans, forecasts, and budgets
9 circles of spreadsheet hell-1

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